Gundam Expo (New HG’s and MG’s!)

Didn’t know I was going to type up another post so soon but here I am again, typing away. :) I know some of these reveals aren’t that new to some of you,… Continue reading

Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 Teaser (No I’m not dead yet :P Just occupied with a lot)

Hey guys I’ll do my usual personal life update at the end of the blog, and we’ll jump right into the Gundam Unicorn stuff, since I’m so hyped about it. Pretty nice promo… Continue reading

My Tools – Different Top Coats

Okay, another wayyyy overdue posts due to busy schedule and procrastination, but I’m sure alot of you would understand. :) Let’s get straight to it then. When I started building Gundams, I was… Continue reading

Hobby Japan November Issue

Hey guys, been working my night shift job for about 3 weeks now, and late for the top coat post for 2 weeks. Of course the 2 are related, that’s why I brought… Continue reading

Final Unicorn Episode Info & Gundam Extreme Full Boost PS3

Hey guys so I just got off work :) anddd here some news regarding Gundam stuff :) Well to start off with the more vague news out of the 2, Gundam vs Gundam… Continue reading