Gundam Expo (New HG’s and MG’s!)

Didn’t know I was going to type up another post so soon but here I am again, typing away. :)

I know some of these reveals aren’t that new to some of you, as some of them have been announced some weeks ago.  And I definitely know  I’m not the first person to post these reveals or whether this post is posted in the fastest timely manner.

Anyways, let’s touch up on what I typed up yesterday about the last Unicorn Movie!


We already have the Unicorn Full Armor (Unicorn Mode) released a while back, but everyone has really just been waiting for this Awakened Psycho Frame version. My question is… how would Bandai get us to buy both of them this time…?

I mean for the HGUC Unicorn, people are forced to pick up both Unicorn Mode and Destroy Mode for all the weapons, as Unicorn Mode came with the Beam Sabers and the Bazooka while the Destroy Mode has the infamous Beam Magnum.

But from just the looks of this reveal, it seems like Awakened Psycho Frame Unicorn has everything the Unicorn mode does, and even better for the Destroy Mode shields.

The Banshee Norn is interesting too but just not quite my cup of tea. The Unicorn movies have changed my view on Unicorn Banshee significantly, but as far as looking at the design of the Banshee Norn Destroy Mode goes, I’m not sold yet.


And I’ve come a long way to be fond of Unicorn Banshee’s crazy crown horns. Yet… I just don’t understand the backpack of Banshee Norn yet, nor did I find it interesting at the end of Episode 6 when the Banshee Norn’s backpack appears to be shaped like tiny wings. Butttttt, I’ll reserve my judgement on the designs and such until I watch the movie, as Unicorn usually turn things around for me as time past.

Then comes the Neo Zeon’s Quin Mantha reborned green ogre… err… repaired.


And hidden. :P (All of the above Unicorn HG’s are out in Spring like the movie but no prices listed yet.)

Soooo besides all the hyped up Unicorn Movie designs, there’s some side story MS’ and variation in relation to Unicorn that got showcased as well.


One of them being the “Silver Bullet”, and if you can’t tell by its design…


It’s pretty much…


Yeah… The Doven Wolf from ZZ, made into a Gundam. Oh, and the Doven Wolf is also being released in its respective ZZ color. While the Silver Bullet is a Gundam headed Doven Wolf, equipped with some of the Jegans’ equipments.

Besides all that, I totally missed the fact that there’s 2 Silver Bullets. One of them is a Bandai Online fancy limited release for 2520 yen, out in March. Which is more special because it’s actually equipped with Funnels. And the one below is the Gundam headed Doven Wolf with Jegan equipments, out in late January for 2200 yen.


While the Doven Wolf is out in Feburary with an unclear price for now. :P

Besides those MS variants, we also have the 3rd Unicorn Gundam, “Phoenix” made into a MG.


I’m still getting warmed up to yet another crazy horned Unicorn design.


But honestly, it looks better when it’s viewed at 45 degrees. The width of the horns seems less fat and more acceptable. :| I wonder why…And I guess I’m okay with the shields and the gold plating, and its new psycho frame color, but I just can’t take the horns yet…

(The MG Phoenix is out in Feb for 120,000 yen)

Speaking of MGs, we have quiteeeee a few coming up, and not much for me to be particularly excited about. So let’s just get by this quickly. :P

Let me start off by saying, I do like watching the new Gundam Build Fighters series, more than I expected, but I’m happily not drawn in to the customs in the show.

Well, here’s the “Build Strike Gundam” for 4200 yen, out by January.


Yeah, so I watch the show, just thinking  interesting it is for them to use Strike Gundam as the base for the protagonist’s suit. But do not get me wrong, I don’t like the design on it at all. While the initial poster revealing this new Gundam animated series was super cool and seemingly hopeful, the actual reveal of the Gundam design in the show was a big let down for me.

Besides my personal bias, let’s just talk about the Build Strike MG for a second for what it is. 90% of the Gundam is pretty much MG Aile Strike RM… so that already feels like a cheap shot, as this Gundam could have been a lot cooler with maybe small mods throughout. Not to mention, the shoulders seem a bit short compared to what I saw in the show and the wings look kinda plain and short too… pretty much lacking details throughout…, so it really feels like minimal effort in changing up the MG Aile Strike RM to earn some quick cash. But some of you might argue how that’s the point of the whole Gundam Build Fighter show, minor mods to pre-existing Gundam to personalize it. Which I can’t really argue with, just still feels like a cheap shot and the minimal effort is too evident… At least spend a little bit more time and effort to fool me that you care about the Gundam to sell it to me…  :|

Could of done better with the shield or the gimmick of the Gundam as well… OKAY, moving on, to next cheap shot MG.


The MG Cheap Shot Mk II, lol, okay the Build Gundam Mk 2, out in Feb for 5000 yen.

Again, same thing like its MG Cheap Shot Mk 1, but just this time it’s changing up the chest and horn of the MG Mk 2 ver.2. Which makes sense why all these are revealed at once, for it doesn’t take alot of time or effort to pump these out.

Next 1 I was really fond of its design but… Bandai… messed it up.


The Sengoku Astray, out in Feb for 5000 yen.

Okay even though Bandai messed up the illustrated design, I think this 1 is worth buying, because of how different the legs, shoulders, back and head is to the orignal MG Red Frame.

I say Bandai messed up because look…


The shoulder armors are supposed to be much bigger, and the overall look is chunkier like a Samurai. But now it kinda looks too sleek and agile like the original Red Frame.

So allllll these Gundam Build Fighters MGs lead to 1 point on this post.


I was kinda excited to see this MG Gundam X since I watched the 90′s Gundams when I was a teenager. It’s looking quite alright to be honest, and I’m still debating on whether I should get it. T.T
Well here it is said to be released in late Jan, for a reasonable 3800 yen and not some ‘BS jacked up 5000 yen’… yet another good reason to get it.

So how does this even link to Gundam Build Fighters’ MG rant?


Those who watch the show, knows that there’s a straight up Gundam X with some added light panels and claimed as a custom called Gundam X Maoh Version, in fact the HG has been announced a while back.


And knowing that… kinda makes my blood boil…



This Gundam, Testament Gundam has gotten alot of spotlight due to its Robot Damashii release, and I like it, especially the red version. They should really just make this into a MG or at least a HG, but no… Bandai… decides to put Gundam X in there so then they can stem off of it to make the stupid Gundam Builder Fighter Maoh X Gundam crap… >:(

So great, this makes me all paranoid to how everything to be released seems genuine to appreciate fans of many years, is NOW somehow linked to a scheme of milking.

Right… the MG Turn X just got revealed as well.


Let me call it out now… I predict… that a Turn X will show up in Gundam Build Fighters… sometime after June since this MG will be out in June.

Wellllll, let’s ditch the rant and get back to something more concrete…


The MG Ver. Ka Sazabi, out in December for 9000 yen. Looking great, but again I don’t have a reason to pick it up since I still have my old MG Sazabi… :(



Okay, so last piece of Gunpla news before I leave you guys again.

Next RG!


Yeah the recent famous RG Exia. I really don’t understand the logical sequence to how these RG’s releases are made. :|

The only thing that made some sense in terms of a marketing stand point is the releases of Destiny and Strike Freedom since the Seed Destiny HD version is airing… But other than that… like… what…? GP01… and GP01 FB… but no GP02 or GP03S…? what…? And what happened to all those said One Year War stuff…????

Whatever I guess, still cool to see more RG’s roll out. Oh and Exia is out in April for all those Exia fans, and I know there’s quite a few out there. :)

Source: Tag Hobby

Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 Teaser (No I’m not dead yet :P Just occupied with a lot)

Hey guys I’ll do my usual personal life update at the end of the blog, and we’ll jump right into the Gundam Unicorn stuff, since I’m so hyped about it.


Pretty nice promo poster. :)

So here’s the link to the Teaser Video:


The teaser trailer doesn’t reveal anything really but seconds of new scenes’ snippets .

So here’s some other pictures that I discovered in another source.


Well this is just the Full Armor Unicorn in destroy mode, which I’m sure you’ve all seen by now.

4And this is the NZ-666 Kshatriya Besserung fixed up and using one of Full Armor Unicorn’s Spear Axe weapon.

I know this is supposed to be cool, or maybe even cooler than before it was ripped apart, but… I’m not feeling this… :| I liked it better before it got destroyed by Unicorn.

To follow up the rumors made before about the Banshee Norn Destroy Mode, here’s a picture of it and its so called “Lion” like form…


Honestly… It’s alright, I mean I always liked Unicorn’s design, but this is not something that blew my mind. But the rumors made it sound like the Banshee Norn got altered to like a whole new look but whatever, I’m okay with it as is. :P

Moving on to the final picture of the bunch of reveals, the Sinanju, or whatever the new name is for this…. Mobile Armor thing.

The first picture (below of course) is the one I showed previously in 1 of the rumored posts. But the second picture, I haven’t posted or seen until today.


Can’t really read the text, but based on the stripped armor, I think the stripped Sinanju sits into the big Mobile Armor. Like a Sinanju Full Armor. >:) lol just kidding, that’s pretty lame if they call it that. But again I’m not… digging this Mobile Armor or the stripped look either.

So far the designs are goooood =.= in the sense that they are fresh butttttt in a way I think they made the designs so great to begin with, it’s rather hard to add to them.

Source:, Toysdaily, Tag Hobby


Okay those who stayed to read this part, THIS IS WHERE I TALK ABOUT MYSELF and make excuses for how busy I am. In fact I’m just taking a short break to type up this post, then I’m back to work. :P
I haven’t been dead or in “cold sleep” (Gundam reference of course, lol).

I worked in a night shift replenishment job for a couple of months and quit  it a few weeks back. Not because it was too hard or whatever, in fact it was perfect for me, a night time job and doesn’t require any customer service. So why you asked? (Of course you asked, cause you,the reader from the other side of the world, cares :) ) I was only planning to work the 2 months so I can save up some pocket cash to go on a vacation. And this has alwayssss been a weird concept for me, as I don’t know whether it’s a vacation or a retreat, cause I’m going back to where I was born for vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s always fun to go to Hong Kong and hunt for toys and look at cool stuff, and because it’s so close to Japan they get alot of Japan’s cool releases as well. :D

Sooooo what’s gonna happen is, in a few days I’ll leave for a couple of months and come back with a brand new computer (hopefully). Andddd I’m gonna have to slave myself to a full time job like all University Grads. Which I’ve been laying off for almost a year now, as you guys know, I did side jobs, like free lance work and what not,in the past months so it’s not like I just laid around playing GTA or Gundam all day everyday.

But yeah that’s about it for me, and if I unlock my phone in time which I plan to do tomorrow, then maybe I can post some cool stuff I see there onto here.

Until cooler Gundam stuff comes around or when I get back, I’ll see you guys then. :)

My Tools – Different Top Coats

Okay, another wayyyy overdue posts due to busy schedule and procrastination, but I’m sure alot of you would understand. :)

Let’s get straight to it then.

When I started building Gundams, I was fascinated by modelers with their own blogs. And that pretty much inspired me to start building Gundams. That is besides the early childhood influence of my older brother building Gundams and painting them when I was a little brat. Still, new modelers have started doing things I’ve never seen when I was a kid, not even in the old school display of model/hobby shops. That’s top coating, It makes the model look polished and finished,  the illusion of them looking like they aren’t made of plastic or toy-like.


I did my research before I bought my first top-coat and overwhelming amount of people online were talking about Krylon as a option for top coating. I did end up getting and now sticking with Mr. Hobby’s TopCoat now.  Now to think of it, maybe I did buy the middle Krylon spray first…  Oh well. :P

Well, let’s actually talk about the worst 1 first, then move to the best 1.

Now some more experienced modellers may look at the 3 sprays, and see this 1, and think ‘this isn’t the right 1, and won’t end well’ straight off the bat.


This is the Acrylic Crstal Clear (Satin Clear). Usually found in Walmart and some art stores. This 1 is by far, the worst out of the 3 top coats shown in the first picture. The flip side of the coin is that it is a little bit cheaper out of the 3 as well.

So here’s why it’s the cheapest and the worst in my opinion.


I’ve used it on this Char’s Gundam. It’s one of the older MG’s I have, and it was cheaper than the normal retail price, so I thought, why not experiment with this, I mean, if it works out great, then it’ll make this MG look that much more bad ass, but if it fails… not too much harm done. :|

In the previous photo, it’s not that apparent, but if you enlarge the image and look closer, you’ll see that the finishing isn’t quite flat enough.  In fact, at certain angles it is damn straight glossy, not even like a crappy type of flat feel to it, straight up glossy. Maybe even glossier than before you sprayed it.

Like in this photo, (Yes I know it’s taken from the top of this post)


You see how the hands just straight up reflect the light? It’s not supposed to do that… O.o


But that’s not really the worst thing about this spray, it’s the grainy finish it gives you. Some may argue that I didn’t shake the can enough so the top coat isn’t even or whatever. But no man, I’ve shook that thing for 2 minutes, counted as well.


Don’t mind the cracks on the armor, that’s just me being noob back then or something wrong with the old MG design. Either way, let’s get back to the Krylon top coat.

It’s the most apparent on the shield, or larger flat surfaces, which I’ll show you throughout this post for the other sprays as well.

That graininess isn’t my doing, I didn’t sand the shield or do anything to it, just cleaned it and sprayed it.


Here’s a fair shot where you guys can see the details without doing much zooming.

Well for comparisons, you guys can check out these photos.

The Dynames Gundam is applied with the other Krylon Top Coat. (The Low Odour Clear Matte Coat)
As you can see the Dynames looks a little better, not quite perfect but still a big step up from the Char’s Gundam.


The Aegis Gundam is sprayed with Mr. Hobby’s TopCoat. There you can see the world of difference between those 2 sprays…

Anddddd here’s the next 1. The 1 used on Dynames Gundam.

This 1 is a little different from the previous, because this is found specifically in the art/canvas section of Walmart, and more likely to see this is art store than the other 1. And I bought this cause I read how some people made the same mistake as me, and got the other 1, and ended with poor results. So this is my second try, to the whole krylon top coat thing.

Do you see that hint of graininess?


There’s still a limited shine on it, but I guess that’s still acceptable. After experimenting with the Krylon Satin Crystal Clear stupid coat, my expectations for Krylon is very very low… lol

But honestly though, this is okay, it’s a couple of bucks more expensive than the Krylon Satin Crystal Clear stupid coat, I think like $10.99 USD..? Around there, where the crappy 1 is around 8-9 bucks I think.

(I applied the same coat to the MG Strike Rouge as well.)
In certain angles it looks really flat, which is great, but in certain angles you’ll see those grainy finish due to the light source.




Some people may actually prefer this look, given how it’s a fair price and easily accessible without having make a special trip to the hobby shop.
As I said from the beginning, it’s not quite perfect. But if you are satisfied with this finishing, then by all means this is the topcoat for you.

The last top coat we’ll look at today is the Mr. Hobby’s Flat Matt TopCoat, which I’ve chosen to stick with for obvious reasons.


I was trying to put the Dynames as close to the MG Strike E as possible so you guys can see the difference. lol (Obviously the Strike E has been weathered and top coated with the Mr. Hobby’s Topcoat.)




Not much to say about the Mr. Hobby 1, as I’ve used it all this time, no complaints, except it being a little bit pricy. :( It’s 12- 15 bucks depending on your local hobby store.

And here, maybe the heavy weathering effect was in the way of the photo comparison, here’s a less weathered MG Aegis.


Andddd you can try to compare it with the Dynames here.


I think after these last 2 photos, it’s pretty clear why I like Mr. Hobby’s TopCoat the best out of the 3.

So from left to right (Best to worst it should look like this)


So yeah, I’d rather pay a little more, for a better looking finish. Anyways, now that I got this post over with, I can work on painting or learn to paint.. =.=, cause I suck at painting in general, let alone Gunplas and models.

Until next time then. :)


Hobby Japan November Issue

Hey guys, been working my night shift job for about 3 weeks now, and late for the top coat post for 2 weeks. Of course the 2 are related, that’s why I brought it up. =.=

So I was going to do my topcoat post on the said date, but little did I know that I haven’t used my work room for so long, that the pathway into the room has been stuffed with other things I’ve been working on, and things I’ve bought that I told myself that it’s just going to be at the doorstep temporarily, until I find a place to store them.

Good news is, I’ve cleaned out what I needed to today, and I will shoot the pictures today, beside uploading this post onto the blog.
Bad news being I do have work tonight in a few hours as well, so I will try to upload everything asap, but if I don’t make it, I’ll probably do it tomorrow.

Here’s the Gundam stuff that’s been previously mentioned but no pictures regarding the announcements.

S.I.C The Bee


This is said to be released in February for 5775 yen. But the great let down for Kabuto fans in North America is this S.I.C being a Web Limited. So either the price will be jacked up or it won’t be as easy to find in normal online stores.

Following the S.I.C releases theme, it’s the New Color Ichigo.


At first glance I thought it was just a simply recolor of the Movie S.I.C’s Ichigo, but rather impressive that they’re chosen to do some re-sculpting. Out in January for 5000 yen.


For Gundam stuff, we have the same old, MG Wing Zero.


As we close in to the release, what tears me apart is not whether I should pick this up but rather if I should get the MG Gundam Wing. =.= I just like Gundam Wing more than Wing Zero in terms of design and their animation roles. :P But Bandai had to make the decision harder by making a really ridiculously convincing HG of Gundam Wing. So I’m just like what the hell Bandai, I’ve been building MG’s and it worked out fine.

MG Gundam Wing

MG Gundam Wing

Yet I have also wanted to approach HG’s but because the excessive work that needed to be done to HG’s, have since abandoned the thought to. And nowwwww they make such a convincing HG with nice proportions and everything. Dammit man…

HGAC 1/144 Gundam Wing

HGAC 1/144 Gundam Wing

Okay for this most of you have only seen the sketches of it, but here’s a computer generated prototype and a small picture of its sculpted prototype on the side.


You probably need to click to enlarge the image to see the details and all. It’s the MG Ver. Ka Sazabi. Which is a lost cause for me since I have the MG Sazabi already, I won’t have a legitimate excuse to pick this up unless someone throws my MG Sazabi into the air and watch it fall to the ground.

It should be out in December ( right in time for Christmas) for 9000 yen .


So before I keep going on with this post, I want to take this time to tell you guys a little incident that happened to me a few weeks back…

Welllll, I was shopping at a Walmart with my girlfriend, and she was looking for some stationary stuff at the office supplies section. There was this kid and his mom shopping in that aisle. The mom was just shopping at her own pace looking for whatever she was looking for. And the kid, I guess the kid supposively have a stroller to ride in for whatever reason, but he was obviously he’s old enough to walk himself around since he was on the floor walking and pushing the stroller around.


Yes sort of like that.  (No I didn’t take a picture of him, this is just a stock photo, as you can tell by the watermarks, haha.)

So my girlfriend being oblivious to her surrounding got hit in the leg by the kid with the stroller, cause he was just pushing it around aimlessly till it hits something. My girlfriend just kinda said ‘ow, and didn’t really say anything or give the kid the stink eye of the bird. Oh and that day I was tired and exhausted from lack of sleep so I wasn’t fast enough to react to stop the stroller in time. (Where if I had enough sleep, I’d kick the stroller so it’d flip on the kids head before it hits her. :) ) But I thought I might say something anyways. But as I was formulating something witty to say, the mom already caught on to the kid being an idiot so she hit him lightly a couple of times on his wrist, and proceed to scold him.

Mother scolding her son

I thought it’d just go something along the lines of, ‘ I told you to stay put and not fool around, look what you’ve done!’

Lol, buttttt, to my surprise and after hearing that plus the couple of light slaps on the wrist, I just had to let this whole thing go, lol. (And I guess she was going to buy a toy or something for him, forgot what she was holding exactly.) She said, ‘ I’m going to go to the cash with this (That thing she was going to buy for him) and throw it in the air, and watch it drop to the ground.’ lol, I was barely able to contain my laughter, so I had to get out of the office supply section then proceed to laugh at another section of Walmart.

So I thought it was such a creatively cruel thing to say to a kid that I’d make that my go-to threat for everyday use, lol. So that’s what the ‘throw the thing in the air and watch it drop to the ground’ thing was about, lol.


Okay so back to the Hobby Japan November Issue stuff, (I just had to share it) lol.


Those who love the Crossbone X3, but doesn’t have the skills or don’t want to spend time or effort to mod an X1 into. Bandai is releasing a MG Ver. Ka X3 Crossbone Gundam for 4620 yen, out also in December. Sadly, once again, it’s a Web release… :|

And previously mentioned, about how the RG Strike Freedom have undesirable proportions, I’ll admit it, that now that it’s in color, it looks a little bit more acceptable. Yet still not quite as nice as the proportions as its Robot Damashii counter part but this will do fine.



This 1 is due a little earlier, set to be out by November for 3000 yen. And the Wings Effect part (Of course it has to have Wing effect part sold separately, otherwise how else would you know it’s a Bandai release.) is out at the same time for 1890 yen but the effects part is another Web limited release. (Of course Bandai…)


Alright, before I go do some more cleaning and photo shoot stuff, I just want to show you guys 1 more HG, that’s pretty cool, I think it’s in the new Gunpla Builder TV show thing, you know, that new Gundam show based on Gundam Models. Oh and all the other robots in that series look…. odd…

The Sengoku Gundam Astray.


Yeah the face mask looks a little weird, but if you swapped that with a normal Astray Red Frame’s face, this will look super awesome.


It’s a Christmas release and it’s for a little bit higher HG price of 1800 yen. Even has a face on its back like Seravee Gundam.

Okay fine, since you guys got the glimpse of it, and is probably as interested as I am, THIS will be the last thing I show.


The Bearguy 3.


The HG will be out in December as well, for again…. 1800 yen. =.=

Thanks for reading. :)

Source Cyber Gundam

Final Unicorn Episode Info & Gundam Extreme Full Boost PS3

Hey guys so I just got off work :) anddd here some news regarding Gundam stuff :)

Well to start off with the more vague news out of the 2, Gundam vs Gundam extreme full boost just got announced on ps3.

The down side to this exciting news is that, all the info we have now is the release date being somewhere in 2014 next year.


And wellll that’s really not much to talk about is it?

So I went around and tried to dig up as much info about this as possible. Andddd so far we know that there’s going to be 20+ new playable mobile suits anddddd 90+ units in total that’s playable.

New titles include Gundam wing tv series and the stupid self made exa aka extreme Gundam crap…. =.= ( yes I despise that Gundam with a passion) even more so than zebra Gundam or windmill Gundam from g Gundam =.=

Anddd now moving onto Gundam Unicorn episode 7 updates which I didnt have time to post a few weeks back when the info was let out.


Sooooo the movie will run for an hour and a half, which is alright but I honestly don’t mind if it goes for 2 hours. :p

Apparently when the Banshee Norn turns into destroy mode, the back of its head will look like a lion’s mane…? O.o
(Interesting, I just thought it’d look like Unicorn destroy mode with all the Norn equipment)


And the glimpse we had of Full Frontal’s new mobile suit/armor is kind of like GP03D’s equip. So that big red thing is kind of like a sit in dendrobium armor, which is great news for me, cause I love the Sinanju and I thought they were gonna give Full Frontal some hideous giant MA to ruin his identity lol.

Some fans believe it might look like this,


Which is still acceptable, compared to what I thought it was going to look like lol.

Then final piece of speculation to this epic movie is,



An early type of F-91 will show up, so this will be a good lead off to the following timeline of Universal Century. It may just lead off to the F91 timeline, but some fans speculate that it will lead to Hathaway’s animated series. (Again, super exciting, Unicorn never lets me down, or haven’t yet anyways :) )

Source: cyber Gundam & toysdaily

Zoo & Procastination Update

Ahhh, so I just got a night time stocking job at some local art store. And as I’ve been struggling with my hours. Now, it’s not that I sleep normal hours and I now have to adjust to the odd night shift hours. It’s that I’ve been operating in night shift hours for a long time, and right before I landed the job, I fixed my time to normal people’s time…. kind of… Let’s just say sleeping at 2 a.m. and waking up at 3 p.m. are normal people’s hours… (Yes now you have a clue how messed up my typical day hours are…)

I’ve been procrastinating to take out my camera and take pictures for the Gundam top coat post… (Sorry :S) Keep telling myself that ‘I’d do the post tonight.’ But like  every other night, tonight I got home all tired, and I don’t feel like doing it… Then …I’d try to push it to the next day. =.= But let this be the post that I SWEAR that I will get it done this week before Friday… I was going to say Thursday but I got taken back for a second and gave myself more leniency, knowing how lazy I can get… lol.

But meanwhile, without posting a post just me making sorry excuses for myself, here are some pictures of the zoo I visited a couple weeks back. :P

This was my first time using this new DSLR I got. It’s the Pentax K-R! Been wanting this camera since forever, but in all honesty, as much as I love this camera, it got nothing on my Canon D600. =.=

I mean the photos aren’t bad, but it just isn’t as crisp as the ones that the Canon takes. (Yeah I know… IF I’ve done the top coat post THEN you guys can see the differences wouldn’t you… yeah… =.=’… ) Then again maybe it’s the lens I’ve been using too.

Don’t even bother asking me what these animals are, I have no idea, but these seems alot different than the animals I used to see when I visited the zoo…


It was such a let down seeing the Komodo Dragon for the first time (When I was a kid searching it up on the internet) Cause I thought it would be an animal that would actually resemble those fantasy dragons… Or the 1 in Dragonball… No…. it’s this thing in the picture below…

This thing down here is so ugly… and I forgot its name already… but look at it! I think it’s from Australia.

Now the things that everyone goes to the zoo to see… FISHES! lol haha.


And TURTLES! Well, sarcasm aside, the turtle is alright, just lazy like all other animals in the zoo, but it’s alright, I’ll take the lazy turtle over the fishes any day…

Action shot!
False alarm… just flapping its wings… not doing what it’s supposed to… =.= yeah FLY… but these birds probably can’t fly… :|

Yeah I came to the zoo to see this!

So when I was in grade 3, I went to the zoo, and I saw Gorillas, and they were sooooo big back then. But this time going back… they seem… not as big as I remember them to be… Maybe they switched the whole batch of gorillas while I neglected the zoo for the many years.

Can someone tell me what the heck is the deal with peacocks, they are always just free roaming in these family outing places. The zoo, and this other animal place I visited half a year ago… just walking around like it’s their turf…. (NO PEACOCKS, YOU ARE PART OF THE SHOW, GET IN THE CAGES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. >:0 lol)

Usually there would be like 5-6 spider monkeys, but this time there were only like 3. And look how chilled they are…

Yeah he’s just looking straight back at you like ‘ wat chu looking at?’….

‘Yeah that’s right keep walking as I stare into space and not do anything amusing’

Then look how depressed this polar bear looks, lol.

This 1 is a different 1, but it doesn’t look like it’s having fun swimming either…

You can’t quite tell in the photos, but seriously, there was something emo about the way it swims, lol.

This snake has a weird shaped head… Interesting, but weird… :|

These things are kind of cool, and I never bothered getting their names either. :P

Finally, some familiar faces… You guys can copy this photo and upload it to facebook and tag some of your friends! lol

You want to know what he’s staring at…?

These things! from that lion, zebra, hippo movie. Oh, right Madagascar, those crazy things.

They were soooo freakin fast, it was ridiculous. And probably the most energetic animals seen that day.

Anddddd, the tiger gets a tiny cage to patrol around in….

Alright, next post coming soon! :P

Hobby Japan Oct Issue – New S.I.C news (And a little bit of Gundam stuff)

Haven’t been talking about S.I.C for a while and it’s because the line has really slowed down after that old Showa Era Riders rush (Like Sky Rider, Super 1, and ZX).

Well, now they’re announced that they are going to make the following. :|


Yup, the first Rider in its “new” colors, the silver.  I like it, but like the MG Ver Ka. Sazabi… I have the Kamen Rider The First version of Ichigo…  so I don’t know if I can bring myself to picking this up as well. T . T

Why do they do this… , Just make Kamen Rider Eternal already. T . T


There’s some of the older S.I.C’s of Ichigo. From the left it’s S.I.C Classics’ version, then it’s the Vol 14 version, and the 1 on the right is the newer movie version that came with the new Cyclone.

Then of course, they have to promote what’s already out there and what follows, in the Heisei series.


The Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper set from Kabuto. The Hopper set should cost 6800 yen-ish and out by September. Soooo, pretty soon actually.
Then the Bee should follow after.

(Kind of grew out of Kabuto after watching the few series following after it. :|)

About the Gundam news, it’s just a SD kit that caught my attention.


Well first, the Unicorn SD kit is looking great, I usually don’t find knights/samurai SD versions of Gundams’ designs that appealing, but the Unicorn knight is looking pretty cool.

But what is interesting is the Zi Gundam made into SD form. I really don’t mind seeing more of it. We’ve already got a web Robot Damashii limited version of the Zi Gundam (Ver Ka). It’d be nice if they made Hathaway’s story into an anime or movie after Unicorn is done, since the story follows soon after Unicorn anyways. (And of course, a Master Grade would be fantastic too. :) )

Source: Cyber Gundam